Current Clients

AEDreams logoAE Dreams

AE Dreams wants to bring the limitless possibilities of technology to kids’ toys in unique and imaginative ways. Their first toy, Turtle Mail, can currently be pre-ordered on their website.

“Meg has been an amazing addition to our team. She is someone who can look at a problem that is complex and messy and find an elegant solution. We hired Meg to help us conduct user research, develop our content strategy, and launch a Kickstarter campaign for our first product, Turtle Mail. AE Dreams is a startup, and like most startups we find ourselves getting pulled in multiple directions at once. Meg has helped us organize our goals and clearly state our company’s vision. It’s evident that Meg is a researcher at heart, and she takes a lot of pride in understanding and connecting with our users. Her next project will be to help us evaluate and redesign the web application interface for Turtle Mail, and I am very excited to see her proposals and the results of her design research. I wholeheartedly recommend Meg to any team facing a design challenge in their work.” – Alysia Finger, CEO

logo_horizontalConversant Labs

Conversant Labs is dedicated to providing high-quality technology experiences for the visually impaired. They develop consumer apps such as SayShopping, as well as developer tools like their SayKit SDK.

“Meg’s research and academic background make her an incredible asset to have. She can look at a hard problem, one without a straightforward or easy solution, and see exactly how to break it down into small, manageable steps. Meg gets positively excited by seeing new UX problems and throws herself into the work. She’s also easy-going and fun to be around. I couldn’t recommend Meg highly enough.” – Chris Maury, CEO

CaliberUx LogoCaliber UX

Caliber UX is an experience design platform than enables UX and CX professionals to create, collaborate and validate rich design research assets.

“It is rare that you come across someone as thoughtful, thorough, and hard working as Meg. We work with Meg to develop engaging content for our designers. Meg helps us with everything from conducting user research to developing a content strategy. She is also the author of our first “Persona Builder” Academy course – a ten lesson course on everything you need to know about crafting user personas. Her writing is engaging and fun to read, and her research work is outstanding. It is a pleasure to have Meg on our team.” – Raviv Turner, CEO


Suitable quantifies soft skill competencies and uses gamification to help students connect with their campus and entry-level employers.

“Meg has really gone beyond our expectations. She hasn’t just helped us with improving the UX of our existing product; she has also helped us generate ideas of what more we could develop and offer our users. She’s been great in helping to educate the whole team on what “user-centered design” really means and what methods we can use to better serve our customers.” -Mark Visco Jr., CEO

ViaHero LogoViaHero

ViaHero provides custom, independent trip planning services that enable you to ditch the tour guide and travel like a local. If you want a unique, off-the-beaten-path vacation, then you need ViaHero.

“Meg has been an incredible asset to our company by designing and creating research methods for acquiring the feedback necessary to build our product.  She’s thoughtful, insightful and thorough.  I highly recommend Meg to any firm looking to have someone organize the chaos of user research and am looking forward to using her expertise in future product development.” -Greg Buzulencia, CEO

WorkHard Pittsburgh LogoWork Hard Pittsburgh

Work Hard Pittsburgh is a cooperative of independent workers that collaborate to start and scale new businesses while providing digital services to the region and beyond. We help entrepreneurs from wildly diverse backgrounds find capacity, develop talent, and access friendly capital.

“We’ve relied heavily on Meg as we’ve rebuilt all of Work Hard Pittsburgh’s web properties to provide an outside fresh perspective through conceptualization, wireframing, and design. Meg’s unique ability to help us organize complicated ideas and then communicate that information to our customers through various verticals has been invaluable. She has helped our team organize divergent ideas generated during brainstorming into cohesive work products that we continue to leverage. ” – Josh Lucas