Research and Designs

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Turtle Mail WebApp

TurtleMail is a wooden, wifi connected, mail box for kids. Parents, family, and friends can send the kids they love printed mail as quickly and as easily as sending a text message.

Learn more about Turtle Mail on the AE Dreams website is a Voice User Interface (VUI) prototyping tool. enables you to build an interactive prototype of your VUI (eg. Amazon Alexa Skill) with no coding required. You can also use to test your VUI remotely with beta users, and collect utterance data.

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Learn about Personal Weather Stations

The Personal Weather Station education product was designed to educate new and existing users about Weather Underground's Personal Weather Station network.

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See the project live on Weather Underground


The Weather Underground WunderPhotos product hosts a large community of nature and weather photographers. The central goal of the upload redesign was to remove technological and interface obstacles to uploading photos for our users.

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See the project live on Weather Underground

Data Walls

Education Elements was pursuing a new line of potential product functionality surrounding principal and administrator's use of End-Of-Year and Benchmark exam data. My approach to understanding this problem space was to do a series of contextual inquiries and interviews with principals at school sites. Notably, several of the principals constructed what they termed "data walls". With the assistance of the data wall, principals are able to tell students about individual students and their progress throughout the year.

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Hybrid Learning Management System

I led a small product team through a complete navigation/UI overhaul of our web-based product. This included conducting company-wide "design games", mapping out the information architecture, and developing prototypes. The final design was released in December 2012 and was well received by our clients.

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